Dark Roasts Explained

Coffee beans must be roasted in order for them to obtain their characteristic flavor. Roasting reduces the shelf life of the coffee bean, discount viagra so they’re normally roasted close to the time of consumption. Most coffee beans are roasted commercially, generic cialis but some coffee drinkers roast their own coffee beans to obtain greater […]

Tap vs. Filtered: What is Healthier?

Tap water is the water that comes directly out of the tap, cialis usa or faucet, viagra usa in your house. Passing water through a filter reduces the level of many contaminants, making filtered water healthier to drink. Municipalities in the United States are generally required to provide water with contaminant levels below those specified […]

Cost Savings With Traditional Replenishment

Is your business getting the best price for office supplies? Maybe it is time to examine your ordering and procurement policies. Businesses are looking at ways to stay on budget by comparing automated replenishment systems and traditional replenishment procedures. While automated inventory management systems streamline production processes and can lead to cost savings for large […]

General Hydration Tips for the Winter

Water consumption typically is at its peak during the summer months. Once the temperatures cool, cialis sale you may forget about how important it is to have bottled water on hand. To avoid dehydration, make it a priority to consume plenty of spring water throughout the day. Water is always easy to carry from place […]

How to Choose the Perfect Coffee for You

Over the years, cialis generic you may have shied away from the many types of coffee on the market. In fact, you may be already set with a flavor that you believe is the best coffee around. However, moving outside of your comfort zone and trying a new brand or flavor coffee can open you […]

Comparison of Brewers

Once you decide to go with a single serve coffee maker, discount viagra the buying process has just begun. The major decision you need to make is whether to go with a pod brewer or a Keurig coffee maker. Both models have their pluses and minuses, viagra usa but your budget and preferences can help […]

Giving the Right Corporate Gift at the Right Price

Corporate gifts are always intimidating decisions to make – you need to decide on the appropriate present for business colleagues without breaking the company budget. With a coffee-themed gift highlighting products that work with the Keurig coffee maker, cialis you’ll make a wise present choice. Delicious Coffee K-Cups When shopping for corporate gifts, coffee-themed presents […]

How do you reward your employees?

Running a business with tight deadlines and high volume demands can be stressful—not only for the company leaders, cialis but also for the employees on the line. While a crew chief with a whip and whistle may produce results, morale will suffer and employee turnover will undoubtedly be high. So how can you reward your […]

Did you know Winter Weather can dehydrate you?

Cold winter weather can be just as dehydrating as hot weather, viagra canada and perhaps even more so in certain circumstances. The first thing you may notice in cold weather is your breath becomes visible as it contains high levels of water vapor that automatically depletes water from our bodies. You may also notice an […]

Corporate Gifting: Giving the Gift of Good Coffee

Holiday presents to colleagues and business contacts can be a tricky task. You don’t want to offend anyone by buying a gift that’s too familiar. However, viagra a generic gift card can give the impression that you put little effort into getting a professional colleague a thoughtful present. Coffee themed gifts like Starbucks coffee products […]