How to Choose High Quality Furniture, Part 3

Red office chair

 This is the third post in our series about choosing high quality furniture. We all know what colors we like, viagra generic and as we’ve mentioned before, it’s easy to spot a piece of furniture that is ripped or damaged in some way.  Do you know how to recognize a well structured, high quality piece […]

How to Choose High Quality Furniture, Part 2

Retro Damaged Chair

This is the second post in a series about how to choose high quality furniture.  We all know what we like and dislike and we can obviously tell when an item is ripped, cialis generic stained are damaged. Understanding what’s beneath that piece of furniture you’re considering will help you choose higher quality furniture that […]

How to Choose High Quality Furniture, Part 1


Can you tell the difference between high quality furniture and inexpensive furniture?  If not, discount cialis you’re in the right place!  We will share some tips on how to recognize the good stuff when you see it. Today’s post is the first in our series on shopping for high quality furniture. When it comes to […]

Shade Grown Coffee Is For the Birds!

dégustation de café éthiopien

If you are concerned about the environment and love coffee you will appreciate this post.  As many of us have become more conscious consumers, cialis canada we feel better knowing more about how our choices impact the environment. Have you heard of shade grown coffee?  Shade grown coffee is coffee that is grown beneath trees. […]