Top Five Foods for Staying Hydrated

Ñollection with different fruits and vegetables

Did you know? According to the Institute for Medicine, discount viagra we should be eating 20% of our daily water intake! Today’s post includes our top five picks for eating to stay hydrated. Cucumbers. Cucumbers are at the top of our list because they are 96% water. They also have no saturated fat or cholesterol, […]

Five More Reasons to Drink More Water

Fact: Water is good for you.

Today’s post follows our last about why you should drink more water. Do you know why it’s so important to stay hydrated? Read our previous post  to see the first six reasons why you probably need to drink more water. So many of your body’s functions rely on water, generic viagra and here are three […]

6 Reasons to Drink More Water

We know you’ve heard it all before: it’s important to stay hydrated. We all have heard the statistic that our bodies are mostly made of water. Today’s post will tell you more about the details of why water is so important to your body. Energy Levels. When you’re not properly hydrated, viagra sales the activity […]

Bored with Your Water? Three Ways to Make It Taste Great

Group of glasses of healthy detox water with fruit over white

If you’re working to eliminate soda from your diet, sildenafil you might find plain water boring, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In today’s post, we’re sharing tips to help you hack your water and make it taste better. If it tastes better, you’ll drink more and stay hydrated year round. Here are […]