How Do You Break the Chain of Infection?


While there’s the traditional flu and cold season in the winter, viagra sales the scary truth is you can get sick anytime of the year. The biggest question is: how can we protect ourselves? Companies will try to sell you a miracle product, cialis canada an item that will kill all bacteria, microbes and pathogens. […]

Bottled Water: Convenient and Healthy


With numerous health issues like diabetes, cialis canada heart disease and obesity plaguing America, we’ve never been more focused on healthy choices. Science is finding that sugary beverages are a culprit and the public is looking for healthy alternatives. Currently, there’s nothing better at fueling your body in a safe, natural way than water. Bottled […]

Coffee Rice Recipe

Rice milk.

Today’s post was inspired by a taxi driver in Tokyo rumored to have snacks and other delicious treats for passengers in his taxi. One of the goodies he offered riders was canned coffee, viagra usa which is said to have tasted uncommonly good. The mysterious taxi driver also says that rice cooked in coffee tastes […]

Edible Coffee Cups? Yes, Please!

Red cardboard cup with a straw

Perhaps it’s part backlash against the growing piles of Kcups in landfills, viagra usa but there are plenty of creative ideas out there for reducing waste related to our coffee obsession. Previously, generic viagra we told you about an entrepreneur who has created coffee cups with tree seeds that can be planted after they cups […]

Four Signs You’re Dehydrated

tired runner

Your body will let you know it’s time to re-hydrate. Do you know the signals your body gives you when it’s time to drink some water? Sometimes we are so busy with activity, tadalafil such as during a busy day at work or keeping our kids entertained that we might not realize we are dehydrated […]