A Second Life For That Plastic Bottle

The durability and longevity of plastic is a double-edged sword. Plastic’s durability allows us to transport and store things much more easily than we could 100 years ago, viagra when most containers were glass. However, that longevity is the reason plastic takes eons to decompose, clogging landfills and the ocean. To combat this, today’s blog focuses on some cool ways to reuse plastic bottles, allowing you to extend their lifespan beyond their initial purpose.


Plastic bottles tend to lend themselves to gardening projects because the bottles are water-proof and won’t breakdown from the constant moisture needed for good plant growth. Starting simply, you can make a watering can by poking small holes in a bottle cap with a hammer and nail.

You can also set up a makeshift automatic watering system with a half-buried water bottle with holes in the cap. The water will only be released as fast as the dirt in the potted plant can absorb it, ensuring the plant isn’t under or over watered.

Plastic bottle bird feeders

Four different varieties of bird feeders made from plastic bottles.

Half, one and two liter bottles also can make great bird feeders. With a half liter, you can feed two wooden spoons through the bottle, angling them downward so feed will slip out and attract the birds, while using the cap as a hanging base.

With a one or two liter bottle, start above the feet, cutting into the bottle about halfway. Continue cutting upwards towards the mouth, exposing the inside of the bottle. Cutting this way will leave the feet as a feeding bowl, while leaving the cap or mouth as a hanging base. See the picture to the right for a visual cue.

The Kitchen

Cutting the top off of a plastic bottle makes a natural funnel. You can use different size bottles to create an array of funnel sizes for every necessity.

On the opposite end, the bottom of a plastic bottle is a perfect bowl. Try cutting the bottom off, pressing it to an iron for a couple of seconds to ensure a clean cut, then fill it with peanuts, trail mix or bite-size candy.


You can use plastic bottles to help organize your life. By cutting bottles in half, you’ll have a perfect container for pens, craft items or office supplies. Feel free to decorate or accessorize your bottles however you see fit.

You can also organize your kitchen with two bottles. You’ll start by cutting the mouth off of one bottle, leaving you with a tall, cylindrical canister for things like pasta, rice, dry beans or coffee. Then, cut the base off of another bottle and use it as a lid. You’ll have see-through canisters for easy access to kitchen staples.

If you save the mouth from the first bottle you cut up, you can use it to help seal plastic bags that don’t have zippers. Feed the plastic bag through the mouth, pull it down around the cap threads, then tighten the cap. This will give a second life to grocery store vegetable bags when you don’t have ties.

There’s really no limit to how you can reuse plastic bottles. Take a look around your house or office and you’re bound to see a number of ways to save the bottle from the landfill. Just make sure that once the bottle has reached its end, recycle it!