Benefits of Hydration Education for Kids

From early childhood, generic cialis parents should be instilling the importance of staying hydrated onto their kids. Hydration is not only important during the summer months, but something that needs to be addressed year-round. By having bottled water on hand at home and ensuring your kids drink enough, you’ll help keep them happy and healthy.

How Much Water?

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, on average children drink less water than what’s considered to be an adequate intake. Children between the ages of 2 and 5, 6 and 11, and 12 and 19 drank an average of 1.4, 1.6, and 2.4 liters of water on average per day respectively. The 2006 survey found boys were more likely to reach adequate intake and that the amount of water consumed each day increased with age. The amount of water recommended for a child depends on her age and weight. Young children need an average of six to eight glasses of day while teens may need as many as eleven glasses daily. More water may be required if there are soaring temperatures or the child is very active.

Teaching Tips About Hydration

One of the essential teaching tips about hydration is making good choices as a parent that your child can model. It will be hard to influence him to drink more bottled water if you’re always seen with a can of soda. Soda and other caffeinated beverages will actually dehydrate you and require frequent trips to the bathroom.

Online games are helpful at teaching children about the importance of staying hydrated. For instance, the Water Education for Teachers website has an interactive game that lets kids know how water affects the body. Making treats with water is another way to help children interested more in staying hydrated. Snow cones and popsicles are water based and can be made at home for a delicious summertime treat.

Getting the Kids the Water They Need

With a water cooler dispenser or a fridge full of bottled water, your lessons about hydration can be put into practice. You can also arrange for spring water home delivery and have bottles of water or coolers for your dispenser dropped off right at your home. Water cooler dispensers are very economical and easy for children to serve themselves when they’re thirsty.  Bottled water purchased in bulk will be less costly than buying small cases each week from local grocery stores.

With a water cooler dispenser or spring water home delivery, your kids will not want for safe and clean drinking water. Spring water home delivery is likely more affordable than you think and keeps your supply of bottled water replenished throughout the year. Remember to talk to your kids about hydration along with providing them with water. This ensures good habits translate into adulthood.