Binder Clips, Is There Anything They Can’t Do?

The unassuming binder clip is the quiet workhorse of the office. Serving the same role as the staple but with the added bonus of not being destructive, viagra the binder clip just shows up everyday and works. However, cialis canada its shape and strength makes it a capable tool for several uses around the office and house.

Binder Clip Cable Catcher

binder clip cable holder

That cable isn’t going anywhere you don’t want it to.

Tired of cables sliding off of your desk? Remove one of the metal handles, slide your cord inside and then clip to your desk’s edge. Now, when you unplug a cable, it’ll just be trapped in the loving embrace of the binder clip, preventing yet another concussion from hitting your head while searching under your desk for the rogue cable.

Beverage Stacker

Looking for a way to stack bottles or cans in your fridge? If you have metal refrigerator shelves, position the binder clip with two of the metal slats inside of the clip and stack beverages in a pyramid to the left or right. The binder clip will help balance your beverages, helping you save space and keep those refreshing Crystal Rock water bottles cold.

Chip, Paper or Toothpaste Clip

It’s a universal fact that when you need to clip a bag of chips, every single clip will be impossible to find or holding three bags together already. It seems obvious now, but just grab a binder clip to keep those chips fresh. When you finish those delicious chips and need to get more, use a binder clip to hold your grocery list to your cart. When you need to brush your teeth after finishing all of those chips, don’t forget to use a binder clip to roll up the flattened end of your toothpaste tube.

Binder Clip Organization

clip wallet

The binder clip wallet next to its obese relative.

Tired of sitting on a leather wallet that’s six inches thick? Simplify your life with a binder clip wallet. Its limited size will encourage you to be smart about what’s clipped, possibly helping reverse some of the damage you’ve done by sitting with one side of your body six inches higher than the other.

You can also use the humble binder clip to hold together smaller linens, like cloth napkins. Another idea is to fold an entire bed set, tuck it into a pillow case and then clip the case closed. This makes it super easy to remove an entire bed set from the closet without worrying about dropping anything or leaving something behind in the closet.

You can also clip matching socks together with a binder clip to prevent orphan socks after laundry day.

The use of the binder clip is limited only by your imagination. Just take a look at your office or home and you’ll find dozens of other uses for this office champion.