Bottled Water: Convenient and Healthy

With numerous health issues like diabetes, cialis canada heart disease and obesity plaguing America, we’ve never been more focused on healthy choices. Science is finding that sugary beverages are a culprit and the public is looking for healthy alternatives. Currently, there’s nothing better at fueling your body in a safe, natural way than water.


Bottled water? Refreshing and healthy!

Bottled water can be counted on for refreshing taste, reliable quality, zero calories and convenience. By choosing bottled water, you can make a healthy choice that has real benefits. When you drink a 12 fluid ounce can of the leading cola brand, that’s an extra 140 calories along with 39 grams of sugar, or almost 10 teaspoons! Substituting bottled water lets you skip all the calories and sugar while fueling your body the natural way.

Regardless of the source, bottled water is one of the most consistently regulated and reliable mediums of water consumption. Unlike municipal water, bottled water is produced and maintained in a multi-barrier system that helps prevent contamination. Additionally, bottled water is never compromised by emergency situations or natural disasters. Think of hurricanes, floods and tornadoes; when those disasters hit, bottled water is an invaluable commodity because it’s known to be safe and untainted.

Additionally, anytime water is delivered outside of a sealed container, there’s a possible variance of flavor, condition and quality.

As further proof of its quality, bottled water is oftentimes recommended for those with compromised immune systems, allergies or other health conditions.

One reason people have been avoiding bottled water is the environmental impact caused by the bottles themselves. However, between 2000 and 2008, the average weight of 16.9-ounce single-serve PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottled water containers have dropped by 33%, meaning less plastic is used for production and there is less space taken up by the bottles after use. Additionally, PET, the plastic used for the bottles is 100% recyclable and contains no BPA (Bisphenol A).

What does this have to do with Crystal Rock? While we’re known for our 3- and 5-gallon bottles, we also provide a number of options for water on the go. This includes 8- and 16.9-ounce options in both Crystal Rock Premium and Vermont Pure Spring water varieties.

We’ll even help you promote your own brand with our private labeling service. First, we’ll assist in designing a label for your individual company, event or cause. Then, we’ll put it on our half liter bottles of Crystal Rock Premium and Vermont Pure at significant savings. You can show your patrons you have their health in mind by providing our water while still making a statement with your own logo. Want more information on private labeling? Click here!

Crystal Rock’s bottled water options are perfect for healthy hydration on the go. With our size and brand options, you can promote optimum health anywhere.

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