Do Americans Prefer Drinking Bad Coffee?

Businesswoman has had a very bad cup of coffee

The Washington Post recently commented on Americans and their love of “bad” coffee. The WP says that despite coffee shops across America, viagra most of us are drinking coffee that tastes worse than the stuff Americans drank years ago. They attribute this to Americans’ preference for cheap and convenient coffee over quality coffee. WaPo interviewed […]

Experts Say Coffee is Good for You

Motivational Background

After years of hearing about how coffee consumption should be limited, generic viagra the United States government has changed its stance. New dietary recommendations were released in February, cialis canada and according to the nutrition panel, not only can people stop worrying about whether coffee is bad for them, perhaps they should consider drinking more. […]

Liven Up Your Morning Coffee with these Flavor Hacks

Spoon with brown sugar and coffee beans

Did you know that you can change up your morning coffee routine with some simple flavor changes? You probably have several of these items in your pantry. These are easy ways to upgrade your morning cup of coffee. Cinnamon. You can put ground cinnamon directly into your cup of coffee, cialis buy or use a […]

New Coffee Cups Contain Seedlings Intended to Plant Trees in California

A San Luis Obispo-based startup company has created a new kind of coffee cup. It has seeds embedded inside, discount cialis and when you’re finished with it, viagra generic toss it into a specific bin and the company will make sure the cups are planted in nature parks in California. Alex Henige, a Cal Poly […]

Ways to Reuse Your Coffee Grounds

ground coffee

We’ve all heard recently about how coffee pods are creating a lot of waste. Today’s post offers several ideas about how you can re-purpose your coffee grounds before throwing them into the trash, viagra generic and create less waste. Sometimes the smallest efforts can bring about big change, viagra generic and there are so many […]

Iced Coffee Popsicles? Yes, Please

Set of various ice creams

If you’re wondering just what to do with your leftover coffee (assuming you have any…..), discount viagra here’s an idea for grownups: coffee Popsicles! Here’s one recipe that you can customize with the amounts: Brewed coffee (cold brewed or leftover hot brewed coffee, cooled) Maple Syrup Coconut Water Mix together in a pitcher until you […]

Roundup of Diseases that Coffee May Prevent

We’re back today with a “roundup” of diseases for which coffee has recently been shown to prevent. After years of hearing bad news about our favorite beverage, discount cialis it is simply mind-boggling that now researchers are saying it’s OK to keep drinking coffee. In fact, viagra generic it looks like some of us should […]

The Next Big Thing in Coffee: Cold Brew

Fancy Iced Coffee with Cream

With spring on our doorstep, generic viagra you might be feeling a little tired of hot coffee. Don’t worry, sildenafil though: there are so many ways to drink your beloved morning beverage! The latest trend is cold brewed coffee, and everyone’s getting into the act. Even the big national coffee chains are making announcements about […]

Another Surprising Health Benefit of Drinking Coffee


There has been a lot of news lately about how coffee is actually beneficial to your health. There’s another recent study that suggests drinking coffee reduces the risk of developing malignant melanoma, viagra buy or skin cancer. The study, detailed in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, showed that coffee consumption has a protective […]

How to Choose High Quality Furniture, Part 1


Can you tell the difference between high quality furniture and inexpensive furniture?  If not, discount cialis you’re in the right place!  We will share some tips on how to recognize the good stuff when you see it. Today’s post is the first in our series on shopping for high quality furniture. When it comes to […]