How Do You Break the Chain of Infection?


While there’s the traditional flu and cold season in the winter, viagra sales the scary truth is you can get sick anytime of the year. The biggest question is: how can we protect ourselves? Companies will try to sell you a miracle product, cialis canada an item that will kill all bacteria, microbes and pathogens. […]

Coffee Rice Recipe

Rice milk.

Today’s post was inspired by a taxi driver in Tokyo rumored to have snacks and other delicious treats for passengers in his taxi. One of the goodies he offered riders was canned coffee, viagra usa which is said to have tasted uncommonly good. The mysterious taxi driver also says that rice cooked in coffee tastes […]

How to Choose High Quality Upholstered Furniture Part 6

Chairs 3d rendering

We’ve been covering furniture in our latest series of posts. Today’s post is a jump off from a Consumer Reports report about how you can select a high quality piece of upholstered furniture.  When you know what to look for, viagra buy you’ll know whether the piece you’re considering will last for a long time, […]

How to Choose High Quality Furniture, Part 5

check list & pen

This is the fifth post in our series on how to identify high quality furniture.  Most of us know what we like, viagra buy such as furniture that is a certain color or shape. Do you know how to check a piece of furniture’s quality underneath the exterior? We’ve put together this series: part one, […]

How to Choose High Quality Furniture, Part 4

Fastening fabric and board using construction stapler

Today’s post is the fourth post a series on how to identify high quality furniture that will go the distance.  We have written

How to Choose High Quality Furniture, Part 3

Red office chair

 This is the third post in our series about choosing high quality furniture. We all know what colors we like, viagra generic and as we’ve mentioned before, it’s easy to spot a piece of furniture that is ripped or damaged in some way.  Do you know how to recognize a well structured, high quality piece […]

How to Choose High Quality Furniture, Part 1


Can you tell the difference between high quality furniture and inexpensive furniture?  If not, discount cialis you’re in the right place!  We will share some tips on how to recognize the good stuff when you see it. Today’s post is the first in our series on shopping for high quality furniture. When it comes to […]

The Cool Beans® POD system

Capsule di caffè - Coffee capsules

Do you love your single serve brewer but hate knowing that the plastic cups are filling up landfills? In 2013, best cialis there were enough Kcups to circle the globe eleven times! The environmental impact of Kcups is hard to deny. Yet, viagra canada it’s hard to beat the convenience of a single serve brewer. […]

Which Time Management Tools Are Right for You?


Take control of your time. Time doesn’t stand still for anyone. Since time is so precious it is important to make sure you have the proper time management tools in order to make the best of the time you have. When choosing planners, viagra generic appointment books or calendars its import to consider the following: […]

5 Ways to Stay Hydrated this Fall


Hydration is extremely important for people of all ages. And is something that we should pay attention to year round. Not just during the summer. Over half our bodies are comprised of water. Which is why water is essential for the body to function properly. Water is needed to flush out toxins, cialis generic increase […]