Did you know Winter Weather can dehydrate you?

Cold winter weather can be just as dehydrating as hot weather, viagra canada and perhaps even more so in certain circumstances. The first thing you may notice in cold weather is your breath becomes visible as it contains high levels of water vapor that automatically depletes water from our bodies.

You may also notice an increased need to use the restroom if you’re outdoors in the cold. That’s because our blood vessels contract in the cold, increasing our blood pressure. Our kidneys kick into high gear to get rid of the volume of water in our bodies to help alleviate some of that pressure This results in more water loss.

Then comes the heavy layers of clothing, which can make us sweat and lose even more fluids. Staying indoors doesn’t necessarily keep you safe from winter dehydration, either. The hot indoor air can dry out your skin, which is a result of water loss. One more winter caveat is cold and flu season, as illness is a major dehydrator.

Signs of dehydration

Thirst is an obvious sign of dehydration, although it’s one of the later signs. If you’re already thirsty, you are probably already experiencing dehydration. Other symptoms include a dry, sticky mouth, decreased urine output, few tears while crying, headaches, and dizziness or a lightheaded feeling. You may also notice your body’s performance start to decrease and muscles start to cramp if you are engaged in an activity or outdoor winter sport.

How to combat it

Drink up! Drinking water is the easiest and best answer to staying hydrated in the winter, or any season for that matter. The Food and Nutrition Board’s recommended daily fluid intake for women is 91 ounces and 125 ounces for men. Active or athletic people should drink even more, consuming water before, during and after their workouts. For the record, 1 gallon is equivalent to 128 ounces, and at least 80 percent of your fluid consumption should come from beverages while the other 20 percent can come from foods.

The easy way to make water available

Add up the daily recommended dose of water for you and your family and you’re going through a lot of water every week! Rather than attempting to drink from the tap or hauling dozens of small water bottles or several large, cumbersome water bottles home from the store, you can keep your water supply on hand and easily available with regular bottled water deliveries for your home or office.

Drinking water deliveries typically consist of a water dispenser or water coolers you can place in an easily accessible area for everyone to enjoy. The water coolers’ bottled water is clean, safe, chilled and always available.

Additional benefits of regular drinking water deliveries include savings, both for your wallet and for the environment. Setting up a bottled water delivery program is much more economical than buying dozens of bottles every time you want a drink, and omitting those bottles helps to save the Earth. Buy in bulk and save even more cash while the empty bottles are picked up and hauled away with fresh ones delivered right to your door.

Having a water cooler in your home or office doesn’t only make sense, it helps keep you healthy during winter as well as all year long.