Does Your Office Have Bad Coffee?

It’s been one of those mornings. You snoozed your way through your alarm. The kids missed the bus. Traffic is backed up for miles. The only way you’re going to be able to save this morning is to have a cup of coffee at the office. Problem is, viagra the coffee at work is terrible because no one has cleaned the brewer since 1978, the same year it was bought. Maybe it’s time to speak to management about single serve coffee options.

Coffee cup and cezve for turkish coffeeThe easiest way to improve the coffee is to toss that antique brewer. When it comes to an office environment, traditional bulk brewers are at a disadvantage to modern single service options. You’re forced to brew a large pot of coffee that may end up sitting out for hours or it might be a flavor that you’re not interested in. Also, if you prefer decaf, you’re probably out of luck.

Single serve coffee makers that use pods or K-Cups are the easiest way to improve office coffee. The brewers are low-maintenance and don’t require constant cleaning. Each worker gets to choose the flavor, caffeine level and variety for their drink, instead of a one size-fits all option.

Maybe you’ve got one person in the office who lives for French Vanilla and since they’re the first person in every day, that’s the flavor of the day, everyday, forever. With single serve brewers, you can finally have that cup of hazelnut coffee without having to brew a full batch. You’ll even get brand variety, including Crystal Rock’s own Cool Beans, Starbucks, Green Mountain and Folgers. You can even have that cup of decaf when you want some coffee later in the afternoon, but still want to sleep that night.

With K-Cups and pods, you have the freedom to make other hot beverages too, like tea and hot chocolate. You can even make iced beverages when it’s too hot to drink regular coffee or tea.

By switching to a single serve coffee option at your office, you’re going to improve the coffee quality overnight. Additionally, brewing one cup at a time is going to save money and reduce office waste. It’s an easy change to implement and an even easier choice to make.