Edible Coffee Cups? Yes, Please!

Red cardboard cup with a strawPerhaps it’s part backlash against the growing piles of Kcups in landfills, viagra usa but there are plenty of creative ideas out there for reducing waste related to our coffee obsession. Previously, generic viagra we told you about an entrepreneur who has created coffee cups with tree seeds that can be planted after they cups have been used.

Another brilliant idea comes from KFC (yes, the chicken restaurant!), who is introducing an edible coffee cup.

Yes, you read that correctly: you don’t have to worry about the cup taking up space in a landfill because you can just eat it when you’re done with it!

Unfortunately, they are not available here in the US – for now, they will only be available in the EU.

The cups are called “s” and are made out of cookies shaped like cups that have been “wrapped in sugar paper and lined with a layer of glorious white chocolate.” The outer edible wrapper is branded with KFC’s logo, making it look like a regular coffee cup from the outside.

KFC worked with food scientists at The Robin Collective in the UK to create the cups. The sugar paper wrapper insulates the cookie part of the cup, which is designed to soften while consumers drink the warm beverage inside. The designers have also infused the cups with different scents “known to improve your mood.”

KFC is the first chain restaurant to develop and manufacture an edible cup.

If you want to make your own edible coffee cup at home, try using a popover pan and filling it with cookie dough, leaving the center open. When the dough has cooled, add some chocolate bark and let it harden.

When it’s cooled and hardened, add your drink. These might be better for cool liquids or party shots, because hot drinks might melt the chocolate.

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