Employee Productivity – Ways to Keep Your Staff Happy

A happy staff is a productive staff. Don’t have any coffee or water on hand? Expect grumpy personnel that find it hard to focus on their duties. Getting the right office supplies and kitchen items will create a positive atmosphere that all employees can thrive in.

Keep Staff Hydrated

The office supplies you choose for your kitchen can definitely affect workplace morale. Without their morning cups of coffee, viagra sale staff may feel sluggish and not motivated to work hard. When outfitting your new office kitchen, viagra start off by looking at the type of coffee maker you’re currently using. Traditional coffee machines are a thing of the past as more and more offices begin to use machines that use coffee pods or coffee k-cups. Coffee k-cups and pods provide single servings of a variety of flavors. Staff can have the exact brand of coffee they make. The machines that use coffee pods and k-cups are also simple to operate and don’t require a lot of clean-up and maintenance by staff members. After the first month of using the coffee pods and k-cups, you should have a general idea of how much to reorder to ensure a ready supply is always on hand.

Besides coffee for staff members, you’ll want an office water cooler installed. Water coolers are environmentally friendly and make it easy for staff members to get a refreshing drink throughout the day. Aside from the water and coffee you need to keep available, order cups, sugar, creamers and stirrers.

Snacks Galore

Do you want to keep your staff happy and raving about the wonderful place they work? Then keep a well stocked snack cabinet. Snacks can help curb cravings while at the office and not require staff to lug in their own treats. Order a mix of traditional and healthy snacks to keep all employees happy. When an office provides snacks, it can also increase productivity by encouraging staff to stay in the office more instead of making snack runs.

Management of Office Supplies

Whether you’re ordering copy paper, ink cartridges, refills for the office water cooler or snacks, you must have enough to prevent staff meltdowns. Nothing is more frustrating than going into the kitchen for a drink of refreshing water and finding an empty office water cooler. Auto enrollment programs are helpful for getting the supplies you need on a regular basis without having to remind yourself that it’s time to reorder.

Don’t wait to begin an ordering program through a reliable beverage and office snack supplier. When you notice the difference in the attitudes of your employees, you can rest assured you made the right investment.