Experts Say Coffee is Good for You

Motivational BackgroundAfter years of hearing about how coffee consumption should be limited, generic viagra the United States government has changed its stance. New dietary recommendations were released in February, cialis canada and according to the nutrition panel, not only can people stop worrying about whether coffee is bad for them, perhaps they should consider drinking more.

The panel changed its dietary recommendations for coffee saying there are minimal risks to health associated with drinking between three and 5 cups a day.  The panel also said that if you there may be benefits, such as lowered risk of many diseases, when you consume as many as 5 cups of coffee each day.

Right now, most Americans average a cup of coffee per day.  In 1946, American coffee consumption was at its peak and even then most Americans drank just 2 cups a day, on average. No country in the world actually drinks more than 3 cups per capita.

The change in guidelines came after more than 40 years of silence on coffee consumption.  According to the panel, the change was mostly driven by growing interest in coffee as well as people who were concerned about the potential health risks.

It’s not clear yet whether the Department of Health and Human Services or the Agriculture Department will add the committee’s recommendations to its official dietary guidelines update, expected later this year.

However, it would be unusual for these agencies to ignore the panel’s advice. On that basis, we could reasonable expect to see the government recommending up to five cups of coffee per day when it changes its dietary guidelines later in 2015.

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