Gather at the Office Water Cooler – How to Make Work Social and Engaging

The office water cooler can be more than a place to get a refreshing drink. It can be an employee hangout spot where staff members can take a breather from their hectic days. Besides offering a fresh supply of drinking water at the office water cooler, cialis canada you can make the area fun and engaging to attract employees to the spot.

The Bulletin Board

The ideal place to hang up a bulletin board is right near the office water cooler. The bulletin board can notify staff of upcoming events and also be a place to host games. Employee games are a great way to build team building and give staff members a chance to get to know each other better. Make the bulletin board open to all employee use and encourage them to interact with other members of the staff through the board.

Besides games, viagra bulletin boards can be used to coordinate staff night outs or volunteer activities. Bulletin boards are great for keeping everyone in the know without sending out a ton of emails.

Fun Games

There are different things you can do to make the water cooler area a fun and social environment. Bulletin board games can keep things interesting and make break times enjoyable. Nominate an employee to be in charge of arranging and moderating the games played in the water cooler area. Here are a few examples of games for the workplace:

Play 20 Questions on the bulletin board with staff members. Use questions and answers as a way for employees to get to know one another better. A 20 questions game can be played for staff members to guess who is being featured for the month based off of interesting tidbits about the person.

Host a caption contest. Place a cartoon on the bulletin board. Ask the staff to come up with the best caption for the cartoon. Select the winner at the end of the month. Choose a good prize to encourage as many entries as possible.

Bring Humor Into the Workplace

The bulletin board could also be a place to share office humor. Ask employees to share quotes, jokes and other funny tidbits. The best picks can be displayed on the bulletin board. You may be worried about appropriateness of the jokes. To keep things clean, put a staff member in charge of monitoring the content on the bulletin board. This will bring more staffers over to the water cooler area to get a laugh. Keep content fresh by taking down the old jokes every month. You could make a scrapbook of the past bulletin board jokes and present them to the employee of the month.

Interesting and engaging content placed around the office water cooler can make a huge difference in regards to workplace morale. If you run out of ideas, make sure to ask for feedback from all staff members.