General Hydration Tips for the Winter

Water consumption typically is at its peak during the summer months. Once the temperatures cool, cialis sale you may forget about how important it is to have bottled water on hand. To avoid dehydration, make it a priority to consume plenty of spring water throughout the day. Water is always easy to carry from place to place and the best re-hydration beverage around.

Hot Beverages

Drinking bottled water is not the only way to stay hydrated during the winter. Another option is to drink tea and coffee after a workout. The hot water used to make the drinks can hydrate you and warm you up on a frosty day. Tea and coffee is also rich in antioxidants which are essential during the winter months. Antioxidants protect against harsh environmental elements.

Cooler Temperatures Doesn’t Decrease Water Needs

Don’t let the weather be your guide. Even though it’s not hot and you’re probably not perspiring as much, it doesn’t indicate that you need less water. In fact, you’re probably more likely to be dehydrated during the winter since you’re not drinking as a way to cool off. Also, dressing in layers may cause your body temperature to rise. This could mean you need more cold water to lower it back down. Keep spring water on hand at all times to sip over the course of the day.

Water Goals

Set a drinking water goal each day. The amount of water you require can change based on your level activity during the winter. If you’re not very active, you may only have to drink a minimum of eight cups of spring water daily. However, if you plan to exercise, increase your water goals. Add a cup of water before you exercise and then one additional cup for every fifteen minutes of physical activity.

Dehydration Signs

Look for the signs of dehydration. There are a few tells to let you know you need to increase your drinking water intake during the winter. If your lips and mouth are dry, this could mean you’re not consuming enough bottled water. Dry skin and brittle nails are other signs. As dehydration worsens, you may feel confused, tired and dizzy. Don’t use thirst as your guide. Drink spring water before you feel thirsty.

Staying hydrated in the water doesn’t have to be a chore. Simply stock up your water supply and grab a bottle of water each time you head out of the house. Getting plenty of drink will keep you healthy and energized through the dull winter months.