Starting Healthy Habits in the New Year

With the calendar flipping to 2016, buy viagra it’s about time for everyone to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. With obesity, generic viagra heart disease and diabetes dominating the American health landscape, we’ve all either known someone or resolved ourselves to start some healthy habits in the New Year. While it can be hard to make a lot of huge changes, there are some simple lifestyle changes that quickly cement into healthy habits if given enough time.

One of the easiest ways to a healthy habit in the New Year is drinking water.

One of the easiest ways to a healthy habit in the New Year is drinking water.

Start Drinking Water!

This is the easiest healthy habit you can start or reinforce in 2016. Substituting one glass of water for a 12 ounce can of Coca-Cola will save you a whopping 140 calories. Let’s say you’ve already kicked the Coca-Cola habit, and you’re drinking iced tea or lemonade. That might sound like an improvement, but a 23.5 ounce can of Arizona Raspberry Tea clocks in at 270 calories with 90 calories per 8 ounce serving! A 12-ounce can of Minute Maid Lemonade actually has a slightly higher calorie count than Coca-Cola, coming in at 150, same as a can of Pepsi.

If you drink multiple cans of soda a day, start by swapping one out for a cup of water, still or sparkling. Work yourself into a healthy habit by swapping out more of your sugary beverages for water as time goes by and you’ll notice a difference before you know it. Crystal Rock can even make it easier by supplying a water plan. Check out the details here.

Don’t Give Up On Coffee

Coffee can be part of a healthy habit in the New Year.

Coffee can be a good alternative beverage choice.

If you think your daily coffee isn’t part of a healthy habit, you could be wrong. You might be making your coffee less healthy with spoonfuls of sugar or too much half and half, but coffee by itself could be part of a healthy lifestyle, depending how caffeine agrees with you. Studies are finding that drinking more coffee possibly:

If you rely on the sugary buzz of soda to get you going in the morning, swapping out coffee might be a good start. If you’re not ready to start with straight black coffee immediately (not that anyone could blame you) check out this assortment of coffees, many of them flavored, stocked by Crystal Rock.

Take The Next Step

Changing some aspects of your diet are small steps towards healthy habits in 2016. This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list by any means, just a couple tips about how to get on a better track. You’ll want to consult with a doctor before making any drastic changes or starting exercise regiments, but reinforcing some healthy habits should be a good start towards a better you in 2016.