How Do You Develop a Love for Coffee?

It’s easy to get stuck in a coffee rut. You end up drinking the same brand and flavor year after year. This can take away from your enjoyment of coffee. Discovering new types of coffee and flavor profiles can make you develop a true love for java. Learn about the process of making coffee – including the roasting of coffee beans to further your enjoyment of this delicious hot beverage.

Coffee Roasts Explained

When coffee beans are roasted, cialis the length of time they are heated affects their flavor. Lighter roasts will produce milder blends of coffee. Light coffee roasts turn the coffee beans a light brown color. With a medium roast, generic viagra coffee beans turn brown and the oils from the beans begin to release, producing a sweeter and more full-bodied cup of coffee. While dark coffee roasts use blackened coffee beans with an oily surface. When you roast coffee beans for a significant time period, a bittersweet flavor appears.

Types of Coffee

Coffee types depend on the coffee beans used in the blend and whether or not any flavorings have been added. For instance, a French roast is a dark blend of coffee. Meanwhile, breakfast blends give you a mild cup of coffee. Flavored coffee options include French vanilla, pumpkin, hazelnut and caramel.

Caffeine Versus Decaffeinated

Besides flavor and coffee roast types, you have to make the decision between caffeinated and decaffeinated blends. The amount of caffeine in coffee can be reduced to suit your preferences. Decaffeinated blends reduce the amount of caffeine in coffee until only about one to two percent of the original amount of caffeine remains. For half-caffeinated coffee, there will only have half the caffeine of regular coffee.

With this many types of coffee to choose from, you’ll no doubt find a flavor to fall in love with. Some coffee lovers even like to change their coffee drink based on the seasons. The fall is the perfect time to indulge in a pumpkin flavored cup of coffee while the summer season is the perfect time to enjoy an iced coffee. Vary up your coffee blends to get the most out of your coffee drinking experience.