Iced Coffee Popsicles? Yes, Please

Set of various ice creamsIf you’re wondering just what to do with your leftover coffee (assuming you have any…..), discount viagra here’s an idea for grownups: coffee Popsicles!

Here’s one recipe that you can customize with the amounts:

Brewed coffee (cold brewed or leftover hot brewed coffee, cooled)

Maple Syrup

Coconut Water

Mix together in a pitcher until you get the right taste combination. Pour into your child’s popsicle molds and freeze for at least six hours.

The coconut water is hydrating, which is a benefit during the hot summer. It also adds some natural sweetness, boosted by the maple syrup. (This recipe also happens to be Paleo!)

If you want to kick this up another notch, try adding your favorite adult flavored liqueur to the recipe for your next summer party! You can also vary the sweeteners if you don’t want to use maple syrup. Coffee syrups come in many flavors, and there are also many flavored coffee creamers that would freeze well in this recipe. These can be customized to your favorite flavor with a little creativity. The possibilities are endless here, so enjoy creating your own variation on this recipe!

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