Improving Your Office’s Breakroom

This break room needs some water and coffee service.

When employees need a break from staring at their screen at work, viagra generic the breakroom can be an oasis if it’s managed correctly. Crystal Rock can help provide the right water cooler, coffee brewer and accessories for both that will keep your employees motivated.

Start With Water

Obviously, you’ll want means to provide employees with refreshing water. Crystal Rock has multiple methods to do so, including gallon coolers, filtration coolers and dispensing systems that hook right up to appliances. You can see all your options here, at Depending on the size of your office and budget, we can help put together a plan and get you the equipment you need.

We can also supply you with cold cups and lids of various sizes and materials, helping you set up an entire water station your employees will love.

Coffee? Yes Please!

Coffee has been found to be a cheap way to keep workers energized, motivated and focused. Again, we have brewers that can fit any size office. Single serve options like pods and K-Cups typically work well for an office that has up to 30 employees. Beyond that, it’s smarter to use traditional brewing frac packs that provide a higher volume of coffee.


If you make the smart choice to provide coffee, you’ll need to have the accessories to suit all tastes. Our Cool Beans brand has you covered with creamers, sugar and cups. We can also get you stirrers, sugar substitutes and cup lids. Beyond different accessories, we can also supply you with a variety of great flavors, roasts and blends to change up the typical routine.

With Crystal Rock’s help, the breakroom can be a perfect respite from the usual office drudgery. We’ll help you maintain and stock your office oasis, handling automatic delivery and managing your inventory.