Learn How to Keep Your Kids Hydrated in the Winter

It falls upon the parents’ shoulders to ensure that their children are getting enough drinking water during the winter months. Children are at a greater risk of dehydration because their bodies react differently than adults to heat and exercise. Resources such as bottled spring water home delivery and a water cooler dispenser can help ensure your child stays well hydrated year-round.

Make Marks on Bottled Water

The child’s water bottle can be marked to show how much she should be drinking. You can decide to turn it into a game and reward the child with a sticker if she drinks past the line you’ve indicated on the bottled water. You could also request the child take a certain number of sips from the bottle before putting it down.

Make Water Consumption a Regular Thing

A regular schedule should be enacted to keep your kids’ water intake on track. Make it a habit of giving them bottled water at mealtimes and before, cialis canada during and after sessions of physical activity. Instead of sending a child to school with juice pouches, pack bottles of water in their lunches.

Discuss Drinking Water During Sporting Events

Before practices and games, ask that your child drink at least four to eight ounces of water. This should be consumed approximately fifteen to thirty minutes before exercise. For every fifteen minutes of physical activity, another four to eight ounces of water should be given to the child. Afterwards, the child should drink another cup of spring water to replace fluid loss.

Keep Water on Hand

A water cooler dispenser is an affordable and convenient option to ensure your children are getting plenty of fresh and clean water to drink. Set up spring water home delivery services to keep your water cooler dispenser readily filled. Refill water bottles and hand them children to make sure they have something to drink at all times.

Children need to be supervised if you want to make sure they are drinking enough bottled water. Talk about the importance of water with the child and ask them to always be on the lookout for not getting enough water. If the child feels very thirsty and sluggish, encourage them to drink from their bottle of water right away.