Light Roasts Explained

Light roasts of coffee are perfect for the everyday coffee drinker. Flavors are mild and they give you the kick you need to start your day. A light roast is meant to provide you with only subtle hints of flavor, generic cialis meant to be enjoyed by people who don’t like the bittersweet flavors of darker roasts.

Making Light Roast Coffee

The process of making a light roast coffee is a delicate thing. Roasting the coffee beans for too long can take away the mild flavor. Roasting coffee beans requires careful timing and constant watching to ensure they aren’t roasted for too long. Light roasts of coffee require the beans to be roasted for seven minutes.

The coffee beans start off as a green color. As heat is applied to the beans, the water evaporates and the beans loses its outer casing. The color of the bean changes color from light green to yellow. Once the yellow turns a yellowish brown, the beans are removed and used for light coffee roasts.

Features of Light Coffee Roasts

The beans used for a light coffee roast are still dry. This means that the beans have yet to release their full flavor. Light coffee roasts have very little acidity. Flavor is light bodied and has a subtle sweet flavor. Some blends may also have a grain like taste. A medium light coffee roast will roast the beans long enough to caramelize the sugars inside the beans. This will lend a nutty and sweet flavor to the coffee.

It may be surprising to learn that the caffeine in coffee roasts varies. Dark roasts actually burn off some of the caffeine in coffee. Since light roasts go through less processing, the caffeine content will be higher.

Types of Light Roast Coffee

Milder coffee varieties contain lightly roasted beans. Common types of coffees that have a light bodied flavor include Cinnamon Roast, Half City Roast, Light City Roast and New England Roast. Decaffeinated blends of these varieties can be purchased to reduce the amount of caffeine in your cup of coffee.

Light roasts can be a good coffee choice for those who don’t enjoy a strong cup of coffee. With the extra caffeine, it can be a great pick for those early mornings when you need more energy.