New Coffee Cups Contain Seedlings Intended to Plant Trees in California

Coffee plantationA San Luis Obispo-based startup company has created a new kind of coffee cup. It has seeds embedded inside, discount cialis and when you’re finished with it, viagra generic toss it into a specific bin and the company will make sure the cups are planted in nature parks in California.

Alex Henige, a Cal Poly student who majored in Landscape Architecture with a minor in Packaging and Industrial technologies, wasn’t happy with just using recycled cups. He says that eventually the fibers break down in recycled coffee cups, which means that that even recycled materials would eventually wind up in landfills. When you consider the sheer volume of coffee cups being used in the United States, it adds up to a lot of waste from cups alone.

The company’s Plantable Coffee Cups contain seeds and completely biodegrade within 180 days. Each cup can grow one tree and the seeds are sourced from Santa Barbara and will be replanted in three of California’s parks — Shasta, Inyo, and Rancho Cuyamaca.

The technology, while designed for coffee cups initially, could also be used in restaurant to go containers, corrugated boxes, bio plastics, and other paper products.

Would you pay an extra penny to ensure your coffee shop consumption went to plant trees? Companies say the cups with the seeds cost a penny more, which adds up when you consider how many cups are used. Perhaps some customers could choose to pay extra for the cups to ensure they are replanted. The company recently generated $20k in a Kickstarter campaign and the cups will initially be available in coffee shops in Boulder, Colorado and Marin County, California.

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