Options Abound at Crystal Rock

So, viagra you’re looking for a water delivery company and you’ve decided to partner with Crystal Rock. We’re happy to have you!

Your next question is going to be, what are my options? Depending how many people you need to provide for and whether you’re at home or the office, we can definitely offer a plan that will meet your needs.

For home water needs, we have our Residential PlanInteriorFeatureImage_Residential

The Residential Plan gives you a choice of 5-gallon Crystal Rock Premium Waters or Vermont Pure Spring Water (where available) along with a cooler rental at a 3-bottle minimum per month. Along with your first order, you’re also given one free case of our Original Sparkling Water. On top of the excellent water we provide, you also get our routine scheduled home delivery and bottle pick-up.

Crystal Rock also has our own in-house fleet of service technicians that will repair or replace your equipment at no charge. This service is provided at no charge and will keep your cooler working at peak efficiency all the time. Pairing our home delivery service with paperless billing provides flexibility, efficiency and healthy habits.

For business water needs, we have our Business Plan


The Business Plan also provides you with a choice of 5-gallon Crystal Rock Premium Waters or Vermont Pure Spring Water (where available) at a 3-bottle minimum per month. However, we offer a free cooler rental for businesses! You’ll also qualify for one free case of our Original Sparkling Water. Our route salesperson will deliver water on your schedule and pick-up empties, freeing you from time-wasting inventorying and placing telephone orders.

Just like our home delivery, our talented and friendly service technicians are on call to make sure your business has constant access to our healthy water and you never have any service interruptions because of technical issues. We also offer paperless billing to allow seamless transactions and payments.

For larger businesses, we have our Commercial Plan

InteriorFeatureImage_CommercialOur larger business partners are typically signed up with our Commercial Plan, offering a free cooler for a minimum of 10 bottles per month. When you sign up with us, we’ll provide you with TWO free cases of our Crystal Rock Premium Water or Vermont Pure Spring Water. You’ll also get routine scheduled delivery and bottle pick-up, letting you run your business and handle the more important duties you have at your place of work. Paperless billing and free service let you worry about the big picture while we handle the little things that can become a headache.

With Crystal Rock, we have options for you, no matter how much water you need. Check out all of our options here, at our Water page and learn a little bit more about us.