Staying Hydrated When Playing Winter Sports

When you think about drinking water for sports, tadalafil you may mistakenly guess that this is only important to do for spring and summer activities. Staying hydrated should be a priority no matter what time of year. When you exert yourself physically, viagra canada it is important to replenish the fluids loss during exercise. Remember to bring bottled water to practices and games to make sure you drink enough.

How Much to Drink

A sip of spring water here and there during exercise is not enough. Drinking water needs to be consumed before, during and after exercise. Approximately thirty minutes before the athletic event, drink a bottle of water. Then, take along several water bottles along to the event. Drink at least one cup per hour of exercise. After the event, keep replenishing by consuming at least one bottle of spring water within the hour after physical activity.

Water Bottles Vs Sports Drink Bottles

Not only do athletes have to know when and how much to drink, but they also need to consider what to drink. For most athletic winter events, plain drinking water will suffice. Water rehydrates the body without increasing carbohydrate intake. If you’re watching your weight, you may want to avoid sports drinks. They have a tendency to be high in carbs and calories.

However, if you’re exercising at a high-intensity for a prolonged period of time, you may want to consider bottled sports drinks. These drinks replace electrolytes and carbohydrates lost through perspiration. Spring water is fine when you’re not making a sustained effort for more than thirty minutes.

Staying Stocked

Even if the temperature is freezing, you must remember to keep drinking water nearby. Buy water bottles in bulk and store them in multiple places for easy access. Maintain a stockpile in your car, gym bag or locker. The advantage during the winter is that bottled water will stay cold during storage as temperatures dip. Once the spring water is consumed, a water cooler can be used to refill the bottle for future sporting events.

Bringing ottled water along during winter sporting events and sipping throughout the competition is your best bet to stay hydrated. Fresh and clean water will help you compete at your top form.