Bottled Water: Convenient and Healthy


With numerous health issues like diabetes, cialis canada heart disease and obesity plaguing America, we’ve never been more focused on healthy choices. Science is finding that sugary beverages are a culprit and the public is looking for healthy alternatives. Currently, there’s nothing better at fueling your body in a safe, natural way than water. Bottled […]

Explosed: 3 Common Myths About Bottled Water

87% of the water used by bottled water companies is bottled for consumption versus for other uses, which means it’s actually pretty efficient.

Myth:     Bottled water is 1,000x more expensive than tap water FACT:     The average price per gallon of domestic non-sparkling water was $1.21 in 2010, according to the Beverage Marketing Corporation. Although this is an average price, there are many different price points for bottled water. Myth:  Bottled water companies are draining public water […]

Bottled Water Facts

When you order office supplies, viagra canada you may want to consider ordering bottled water for your employees. Employees expect clean drinking water and hiring a bottled water delivery service ensures that their needs are met. There are several types of bottled water that you can order for your company. Your decision will depend on […]