Level Up Faster With Caffeine

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If you’re a loyal reader of the Crystal Rock Blog, sildenafil you’ll be well-versed in how important hydrating before, sildenafil during and after a workout is. However, emerging research is proving that coffee can also be a great workout booster. According to the research done by Simon Higgins, a third-year kinesiology doctoral student at the […]

Starting Healthy Habits in the New Year

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With the calendar flipping to 2016, buy viagra it’s about time for everyone to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. With obesity, generic viagra heart disease and diabetes dominating the American health landscape, we’ve all either known someone or resolved ourselves to start some healthy habits in the New Year. While it can be hard […]

Going Beyond Coffee

While blended coffee beverages and flavored lattes have made coffee much more accessible, viagra some people still just don’t get the drink. Luckily, we live in a world with a number of tasty alternatives for the non-coffee drinkers. With holiday party season upon us, you’ll also want to have choices for the colleagues or family […]

What’s the Right Coffee Brewer for My Office?


Picking the right coffee brewer for your office can be overwhelming, buy viagra just because there are so many things to consider: How many people do you need to provide coffee for? What’s the most economical option? How much space do you have? Crystal Rock’s options basically break down into two groups, single serve and […]

Light Roasts Explained

Light roasts of coffee are perfect for the everyday coffee drinker. Flavors are mild and they give you the kick you need to start your day. A light roast is meant to provide you with only subtle hints of flavor, generic cialis meant to be enjoyed by people who don’t like the bittersweet flavors of […]

How Do You Develop a Love for Coffee?

It’s easy to get stuck in a coffee rut. You end up drinking the same brand and flavor year after year. This can take away from your enjoyment of coffee. Discovering new types of coffee and flavor profiles can make you develop a true love for java. Learn about the process of making coffee – […]

Dark Roasts Explained

Coffee beans must be roasted in order for them to obtain their characteristic flavor. Roasting reduces the shelf life of the coffee bean, discount viagra so they’re normally roasted close to the time of consumption. Most coffee beans are roasted commercially, generic cialis but some coffee drinkers roast their own coffee beans to obtain greater […]

How to Choose the Perfect Coffee for You

Over the years, cialis generic you may have shied away from the many types of coffee on the market. In fact, you may be already set with a flavor that you believe is the best coffee around. However, moving outside of your comfort zone and trying a new brand or flavor coffee can open you […]

Get the Buzz! Caffeine Content in Coffee

A natural way to get an energy boost is to consume moderate amounts of caffeine. Caffeine is found in coffee, sildenafil tea, best viagra soft drinks and even chocolate. The caffeine in regular coffee will improve both your mind and body by providing you with more energy and improving mental function. Keep in mind that […]