Level Up Faster With Caffeine

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If you’re a loyal reader of the Crystal Rock Blog, sildenafil you’ll be well-versed in how important hydrating before, sildenafil during and after a workout is. However, emerging research is proving that coffee can also be a great workout booster. According to the research done by Simon Higgins, a third-year kinesiology doctoral student at the […]

Does Your Coffee Drink Describe Your Personality?

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How you take your coffee says a lot about your personality, cialis canada right? A recent observational survey by a clinical psychologist, Ramani Durvasula PhD., studied 1,000 coffee drinkers. The results were not as surprising as you might think. Researchers looked common personalities and traits like introversion/extroversion, patience, perfectionism, warmth, sensitivity, and others. The survey […]

Does Better Coffee Equal More Productive Employees? Survey Suggests Yes

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Would your employees get more done if they had better coffee? The results of a recent survey suggest that employees consider coffee central to their ability to perform better and be more confident. A Harris poll from December 2014 found quite a few responses that validate what most of us already know anecdotally: that coffee […]