What’s the Right Coffee Brewer for My Office?


Picking the right coffee brewer for your office can be overwhelming, buy viagra just because there are so many things to consider: How many people do you need to provide coffee for? What’s the most economical option? How much space do you have? Crystal Rock’s options basically break down into two groups, single serve and […]

Does Your Office Have Bad Coffee?

Businesswoman has had a very bad cup of coffee

It’s been one of those mornings. You snoozed your way through your alarm. The kids missed the bus. Traffic is backed up for miles. The only way you’re going to be able to save this morning is to have a cup of coffee at the office. Problem is, viagra the coffee at work is terrible […]

What Office Perks Mean the Most to Employees

Office perks can range from forced time off if you are sick to personalized office supplies and everything in between. Some companies provide donuts or pastries in the morning or a mid-afternoon snack on the house. Saving your employees money by eliminating the need to buy a meal, discount viagra is one of the most […]

Comparison of Brewers

Once you decide to go with a single serve coffee maker, discount viagra the buying process has just begun. The major decision you need to make is whether to go with a pod brewer or a Keurig coffee maker. Both models have their pluses and minuses, viagra usa but your budget and preferences can help […]

Giving the Right Corporate Gift at the Right Price

Corporate gifts are always intimidating decisions to make – you need to decide on the appropriate present for business colleagues without breaking the company budget. With a coffee-themed gift highlighting products that work with the Keurig coffee maker, cialis you’ll make a wise present choice. Delicious Coffee K-Cups When shopping for corporate gifts, coffee-themed presents […]

Corporate Gifting: Giving the Gift of Good Coffee

Holiday presents to colleagues and business contacts can be a tricky task. You don’t want to offend anyone by buying a gift that’s too familiar. However, viagra a generic gift card can give the impression that you put little effort into getting a professional colleague a thoughtful present. Coffee themed gifts like Starbucks coffee products […]

Keurig Brewer Buying Guide – Holiday Edition

As the weather turns colder, viagra canada a hot cup of coffee can be a balm to the tired soul. You’re most likely exhausted from the constant shopping and holiday parties that take place this time of year. A cup of delicious single serve coffee could be just the thing you need to perk up. […]

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Coffee Enthusiast

If you know a coffee lover, sildenafil you have plenty of options as far as presents. Your coffee connoisseur will appreciate any of the amazing products that will increase their enjoyment of each cup. A Keurig coffee maker, coffee pods, mugs, specialty coffee brands and coffee k-cups are a few possibilities to consider as a […]

Employee Productivity – Ways to Keep Your Staff Happy

A happy staff is a productive staff. Don’t have any coffee or water on hand? Expect grumpy personnel that find it hard to focus on their duties. Getting the right office supplies and kitchen items will create a positive atmosphere that all employees can thrive in. Keep Staff Hydrated The office supplies you choose for […]

K-Cup Coffees Explained: What is the Difference in Roasts

Do you ever feel lost when looking at all of the many different coffee roasts available? There’s no longer simply mild, cialis usa medium and bold. You may hear terms thrown around like dark roast, viagra usa French roast, Italian roast and American blend. By familiarizing yourself with the different types of coffee roast, it […]