Space Coffee!

Everyone needs their caffeine fix, viagra usa even those orbiting the Earth aboard the International Space Station. Of course, the lack of gravity can make that difficult. Typically, astronauts drink fluids using a straw in a bag. Not very appetizing. Now, as part of NASA’s Capillary Beverage Experiment, astronauts are using cups that can replicate […]

Pumpkins: Not Just For Decoration


It’s that time of the year again, sildenafil pumpkin spice is in bloom. Every coffee shop, restaurant and even brewery is promoting their own brand of pumpkin spice and chances are, you can’t get enough. This fall, instead of giving your money to everyone else, it’s time you made it yourself. For a general dry […]

Having Halloween Fun at the Office

One small Halloween pumpkin on black background

Halloween isn’t just for the kids! While the focal point of the spooky holiday has always been trick or treating, you can still enjoy the day without going door to door and instead, have some Halloween fun at work. Here are some quick “do’s” and “don’ts” to have a fun and work-safe Halloween. Do – […]

Looking for E-Mail Offers?


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Options Abound at Crystal Rock

Fact: Water is good for you.

So, viagra you’re looking for a water delivery company and you’ve decided to partner with Crystal Rock. We’re happy to have you! Your next question is going to be, what are my options? Depending how many people you need to provide for and whether you’re at home or the office, we can definitely offer a […]

What’s the Right Coffee Brewer for My Office?


Picking the right coffee brewer for your office can be overwhelming, buy viagra just because there are so many things to consider: How many people do you need to provide coffee for? What’s the most economical option? How much space do you have? Crystal Rock’s options basically break down into two groups, single serve and […]

Why Crystal Rock?


Crystal Rock aims to make the little things matter. Little things like personal service, viagra generic quality selection, discount viagra ordering efficiency, reliable delivery and technical service expertise. When executed correctly, they have the greatest impact on you every day. What sets us apart? You’ll find that our people make the difference. We take pride […]

Sitting Safely and Comfortably

Red office chair

If you’re like me, viagra buy you’ve got a lengthy commute to work. It takes 45 minutes to get from my house to Crystal Rock, so I’m sitting for an extra hour and a half per day, on top of my time at work. With numerous studies coming out saying that sitting for prolonged periods […]

Explosed: 3 Common Myths About Bottled Water

87% of the water used by bottled water companies is bottled for consumption versus for other uses, which means it’s actually pretty efficient.

Myth:     Bottled water is 1,000x more expensive than tap water FACT:     The average price per gallon of domestic non-sparkling water was $1.21 in 2010, according to the Beverage Marketing Corporation. Although this is an average price, there are many different price points for bottled water. Myth:  Bottled water companies are draining public water […]

Are You Drinking Enough Water This Winter? Probably Not.

If you’re not hydrated enough, it could also lower your immunity to fight off colds and the flu.

We all know that we need to drink more water in the summer when it’s hot, but did you know that it’s important to stay hydrated in the winter, too? Winter is here, and you’ve probably noticed static, dry skin and lips, and maybe you’re even thirstier now than in the summer. The main reason […]