Binder Clips, Is There Anything They Can’t Do?

binder clips

The unassuming binder clip is the quiet workhorse of the office. Serving the same role as the staple but with the added bonus of not being destructive, viagra the binder clip just shows up everyday and works. However, cialis canada its shape and strength makes it a capable tool for several uses around the office […]

Why Crystal Rock?


Crystal Rock aims to make the little things matter. Little things like personal service, viagra generic quality selection, discount viagra ordering efficiency, reliable delivery and technical service expertise. When executed correctly, they have the greatest impact on you every day. What sets us apart? You’ll find that our people make the difference. We take pride […]

Sitting Safely and Comfortably

Red office chair

If you’re like me, viagra buy you’ve got a lengthy commute to work. It takes 45 minutes to get from my house to Crystal Rock, so I’m sitting for an extra hour and a half per day, on top of my time at work. With numerous studies coming out saying that sitting for prolonged periods […]

Printing A Brighter Future


The advancement of printing quality and quantity over the years has been tremendous.  The sidekick to the computer, best viagra the printer, has become one of the most used tools in the office. With the diverse features and uses for printers the constant need for printing is a must. Which is why it is important […]

What Office Perks Mean the Most to Employees

Office perks can range from forced time off if you are sick to personalized office supplies and everything in between. Some companies provide donuts or pastries in the morning or a mid-afternoon snack on the house. Saving your employees money by eliminating the need to buy a meal, discount viagra is one of the most […]

Cost Savings With Traditional Replenishment

Is your business getting the best price for office supplies? Maybe it is time to examine your ordering and procurement policies. Businesses are looking at ways to stay on budget by comparing automated replenishment systems and traditional replenishment procedures. While automated inventory management systems streamline production processes and can lead to cost savings for large […]

Employee Productivity – Ways to Keep Your Staff Happy

A happy staff is a productive staff. Don’t have any coffee or water on hand? Expect grumpy personnel that find it hard to focus on their duties. Getting the right office supplies and kitchen items will create a positive atmosphere that all employees can thrive in. Keep Staff Hydrated The office supplies you choose for […]

Office Supplies We Can't Live Without

What if you went into work tomorrow and there was no stapler? Or what if your office decided to stop ordering those handy pop-up notes? No matter where you work, cialis canada there are a few office supplies that make day to day tasks go much easier. Sticky Notes You may have a personal organizer, […]