Water: Fact vs. Fiction

Plugging “benefits of drinking water” into a search engine will return a lot of results, best viagra some good, some bad. Any informed reader of the Crystal Rock Blog is going to know that water isn’t a magic cure-all, it’s just one factor in an overall healthy lifestyle. However, there is still a lot of bad information out there. Today, our topic is Water: Fact vs. Fiction.


Fact: Water is good for you.

Fact: Water is good for you.

Water Can Help Balance Body Fluids

Depending on your age and gender, your body is somewhere between 60-70% water. Staying hydrated by drinking enough water regulates digestion, circulation, body temperature, saliva production and how nutrients are transported. Using an SAT-like analogy, water is to your body as oil is to your car. Without it, parts seize up, connections malfunction and your body runs at a sub-optimal rate.

As we lose fluids through skin evaporation, trips to the bathroom and just by breathing, we have to replace these fluids at the same rate we lose them. Otherwise, dehydration sets in and we’re in danger of being like a car without oil: going nowhere fast.

Water Helps Control Calories

By itself, water doesn’t cause any immediate weight loss. However, as part of a larger calorie-reducing lifestyle change, water can be an important ally. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts extolling water’s virtues, one 12 ounce can of the leading cola has 140 calories. Swapping out three cans for three glasses of water saves you 420 calories, not to mention all the sugar your body doesn’t have to process.

Water Helps Your Skin

While drinking water isn’t going to reverse natural aging or sun damage, it will keep your body’s largest organ lubricated and pliable. Think about what happens to dehydrated fruit or jerky as the water is removed; it shrivels and wrinkles. Dehydration can cause the same type of damage to your skin. One way to test for dehydration is to pinch the skin on your arm or the back of your hand. If it snaps right back, congratulations, you’re probably hydrated. If it takes a moment, go have a glass of water.


You Need Eight Glasses of Water A Day

Fiction: Water is not good for you.

Fiction: Water is not good for you.

This is probably the most common water fiction you’ve heard presented as fact. There is no basis in science for this one size fits all recommendation. Think about it this way, should an NFL running back should be drinking the same amount of water as the fan watching at home? Obviously not. Here’s a good rule of thumb: drink when your thirsty and let your body be your guide. If your mouth is dry, drink some water. If you’ve exerted yourself physically, drink some water. Here’s something else to consider: you’re also hydrating yourself through other beverages you drink and food you eat. Even beverages with diuretic (dehydrating) properties like coffee are still hydrating you since your body acclimates to the dehydrating effects after drinking it long enough.

There Are Certain Times to Drink Water to Maximize Benefits

The debunking website Snopes.com had some good information about a couple of chain letters that have circulated via e-mail, claiming that “Water Therapy” developed in Japan have cured high blood pressure, diabetes, constipation and even cancer. The water therapy entails drinking four full glasses of water immediately upon waking up and then timing brushing your teeth and meals according to a stringent schedule. A second letter, purported to be after consulting with a “cardiac specialist” goes on to list the best times for drinking water to help “activate our internal organs,” aid in digestion, lower blood pressure and reduce the chance of heart attacks.

For the most part, these are entirely random and fictitious. There are some studies that have shown a reduced risk of coronary heart disease is related to increased water intake. Additional sources have claimed that drinking one glass of water after waking up can boost metabolism and alleviate dehydration, but the science is nebulous. Just drink water when you want to or think you need to. You’re not going to live forever just because you drank precisely 6 ounces of water three minutes before bed.

The Bottom Line

While it might not be a magic cure-all, water is almost always going to be a positive and healthy choice. If you have overall health concerns, your best bet is to see a doctor and follow their recommendations. The chances are, it will include drinking more water. If you’re looking for an easy way to increase your water consumption, start with a water delivery plan from CrystalRock.com. We make it easy to make the healthy choice.