Water, Water All Around: So Many Choices for Homeowners and Offices

Homeowners and office administrators face many choices when it comes to providing healthy, best viagra eco-friendly drinking water. A bit of background can help you with decision-making. Here are some facts about one of your basic needs.

Tap Water
Whether or not it is treated for impurities, viagra canada water that comes out of plumbing that contains no filtration system is simply called tap water. Tap water that is potable, or suitable for drinking, is the kind provided through public water treatment systems.

In 1974, Congress passed the Safe Drinking Water Act, which is enforced through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The Act sets standards for protecting ground water and for disinfecting surface water. It defines a public water system as “one that serves piped water to at least 25 persons or 15 service connections for at least 60 days each year.”

Public tap water is how the majority of Americans, about 268 million consumers, get most of their water.

Purified Water
Purified water comes from many sources. However, it is treated to meet governmental standards regarding removal of all chemicals. The EPA notes that it shouldn’t exceed “10 parts per million of total dissolved solids.” When distilled or filtered through a process called reverse osmosis, it may also be free of dangerous microbes.

Distilled, purified water is boiled. Then impurities – such as asbestos, metals, organic materials, particulate and salts – are removed along with minerals when the water’s steam is condensed.

Filtered Water
Processes such as micron filtration and reverse osmosis are used to create filtered water.

In micron filtration, water travels through screens with microscopically small holes measured in microns. For perspective, the EPA notes that the period at the end of a sentence, such as this one, is about 500 microns. The quantity of contaminants collected increases as screen size becomes smaller. Good filtration removes most microbes, such as bacteria, as well as chemical pollution.

Reverse osmosis removes almost all impurities when water is pressure treated to force it through a membrane. The process also extracts minerals.

Filtered water may be bottled or created at home by using filtration systems attached to sink plumbing and in-door refrigerator water taps. Some filtered, bottled water is sold in supermarkets or through home water delivery companies.

Spring Water
Along with well water, spring water originates in underground aquifers. Spring water may or may not be treated by a public water system or bottler. It is collected as it flows to the surface of the ground.

When the spring water is deep underground and the quantity that bubbles to the surface is insufficient for customer demand, bottling companies may drill a well-like borehole for drawing the water to the surface.

Many consumers like the flavor and added nutrient value of minerals in their water.

Home Water Delivery
Bottled water delivered to homes comes in containers of varying sizes, especially those size-huge water cooler jugs that you hate to heft when shopping at discount and office supply stores.

Lugging water-cooler sized bottles into your home or the office is heavy work that you can leave to water delivery services. All you have to do is enjoy a refreshing drink.