Ways to Make Your Workplace More "Green"

A green office is not only good for the environment, viagra generic but also promotes a positive company image. Customers and employees are likely to be impressed by the lengths you go to in order to make your business eco-friendly. The best part is that going green doesn’t have to increase overhead costs. In actuality, implementing green items such as reusable ink cartridges and an office water cooler will actually save your business money.

Office Water Cooler

An office water cooler is one of the simplest solutions to reach your goal of creating a more green office. The increase in the consumption of bottled water has unfortunately added more garbage to our landfills. With an office water cooler, you’re reducing that waste. Employees can use disposable paper cups that are biodegradable or reusable mugs. Also, since employees can choose the exact amount of water to fill their cups with, they’re more likely to waste less.

Prominent Recycle Bins

A recycling program is essential to any business, regardless of the size. Recycling bins in prominent areas of your business ensures employees are more likely to recycle plastic and paper products. Recyclable office products are another option for a business that strives to be eco-friendly. Toner and ink cartridges can be refilled and reused at a very low cost. New ink and toner cartridges are not only expensive, but create more plasic and metal waste. Manufacturing these new cartridges also use up more fossil fuels during production. Once you’re done using the toner and ink cartridges, you can send them out to recycling programs that request them.

Eco-Friendly Office Products

Business owners are likely to be astounded over the large number of green office products available on the market. For instance, the lighting in your office can be changed to energy efficient light bulbs. Products, including envelopes and copier paper made from recycled paper, can be purchased for your office. Office products constructed from recycled plastic are also available. This may include staplers, scissors, staple removers, file bins and pen holders. Even green cleaners for your housekeeping staff can be bought. These products are made from all natural ingredients such as vinegar and lemon juice that are both better for the environment and human health.

With more and more eco-friendly products entering the market, you’ll have no problem significantly reducing your carbon footprint. Most recyclable office products are reasonably cost and have the same great quality as traditional versions.