Ways to Reuse Your Coffee Grounds

ground coffeeWe’ve all heard recently about how coffee pods are creating a lot of waste. Today’s post offers several ideas about how you can re-purpose your coffee grounds before throwing them into the trash, viagra generic and create less waste. Sometimes the smallest efforts can bring about big change, viagra generic and there are so many ways to enjoy your coffee while being friendly to the earth.

We have compiled this list of tips for reusing coffee grounds, along with a related story about coffee flour. Read on to learn more:

  1. Compost. If you have a compost pile or bin, add your used grounds to help enrich your compost. When this compost is added to your garden, your plants will thank you!
  1. Garlic and Onions. Use the grounds in your used coffee pods as a hand scrub to remove garlic and onion smells. You can also use the grounds to scrub your utensils and your cutting board to remove these smells.
  1. Natural Bug Control. Dry out your used coffee grounds and use them to keep the bugs away from your home. Sprinkle them in a protective boundary around your garden to scare off bugs and slugs. Plus, the grounds will also enrich your garden soil.
  1. Air Freshener. Who doesn’t love the smell of coffee? Use your grounds in the fridge or on the stove to absorb odors.
  1. Skin Scrub. Did you know that coffee is making an appearance in your favorite skin care products for in-shower use? Coffee makes a fantastic exfoliant for your skin!
  1. Cook with it. This is not about the grounds, but it was worth mentioning. A startup company has begun making flour out of the discarded pulp of the coffee bean. The flavor is purportedly earthy, dark and tastes fantastic in baked goods and chocolate-making. The amount of caffeine in a typical coffee flour recipe is just 12% to 15% of that of a cup of coffee. It will be available later this year for purchase.

Crystal Rock is pleased to share these tips! We offer an earth friendly way to enjoy your coffee with our biodegradable pods made for our proprietary coffee system. Ask us how you can get our coffee delivered to your office today!