What is Coffee Bloom?

Fresh roasted coffee beans.If you want to impress your friends with your coffee knowledge, viagra sale today’s post is about coffee bloom. Coffee bloom is the fast release of gas that occurs when hot water hits coffee grounds.

Why is this important? First, most of coffee’s flavor compounds are trapped in the CO2 gases. Also, the amount of gas can tell you how fresh the beans are.

When coffee beans are roasted, CO2 gets trapped inside. From that point, coffee beans will slowly emit gas over time, known as “degassing.

When the beans are ground, they emit this gas more quickly. All remaining gas escapes quickly when mixed with hot water. More gas means a bigger coffee bloom. Beans that have been sitting out for a long time will have had more time to release gas, which means that older beans will produce less gas and a weaker bloom.

How you store coffee is important, too. Beans kept in hotter temperatures will release gas more quickly. This is one reason to keep your beans in cool temperatures. Beans should also be kept in sealed bags with one-way valves that don’t let oxygen in, but allow for CO2 to escape.

Darker oilier beans don’t release gas as quickly, and they have also been roasted longer and have more CO2. Therefore, darker roasts usually have bigger blooms than lighter ones.

You can create a coffee bloom at home just by adding hot water to coffee grounds. If you are using a pour over setup, pour the water over the grounds in a circular motion. If you are using an automatic drip coffee maker, you can add just enough water to wet the grounds, and then let them sit for a moment. Then, turn on your coffee maker and let it run as usual.

In short: More gas = more flavor and coffee that is fresher. More gas = a bigger bloom. Bigger bloom = more flavor and fresher coffee.

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