What Office Perks Mean the Most to Employees

Office perks can range from forced time off if you are sick to personalized office supplies and everything in between. Some companies provide donuts or pastries in the morning or a mid-afternoon snack on the house. Saving your employees money by eliminating the need to buy a meal, discount viagra is one of the most prized perks today with the current economy in a slump.

Office perks can motivate employees to work more efficiently and help to build morale among the ranks. Having a comfortable break room to gather and discuss projects or chat about the family is a real benefit to most employees.

When it comes to sharing a cup of coffee it seems everyone has their own favorite. If your office is set up to provide coffee as a perk, consider purchasing a single serve coffee maker that uses coffee pods or coffee k-cups. It means a lot to an employee when their boss takes the time and effort to order a favorite blend or flavor.

Ordering coffee pods with the weekly office supplies is easy and convenient, too. Office managers and supply clerks will find a wide array of brands, blends and flavors for the office break room. Offering a large selection of decaf and regular coffee and tea options is an excellent way to show your staff you care and appreciate their hard work.

Another standard perk is the office water cooler. Almost everyone these days is drinking bottled water and having a supply of pure, ice-cold water is another money-saving perk for your office staff. The company water cooler is still the best place to catch up on the news without taking a long break from the tasks at hand. People enjoy a quick chat and an update during their day—it helps to keep people connected and engaged with the people they work with.

Water coolers for the office with hot and cold water are especially nice. Hot, almost boiling water, is the perfect temperature for preparing instant soup, hot beverages and tea in a snap.

Using a water delivery service can save time and money for a company, too. There is no need to store extra bottled water or pay more for retail products when you buy in bulk. The service handles everything for you—a perk within the perk!

Every company cannot provide a full-cafeteria-hot-lunch every day or a trip to Barbados for every employee, but adding coffee k-cups in holiday flavors like spiced-pumpkin in the fall and cinnamon pecan at Christmas reminds your employees you value their service.

Office perks do matter to employees. A benefits package is often the deciding factor for whether or not an offer of employment is accepted. Office perks help cement the relationship. Your staff will appreciate having their favorite snacks and beverages around the office—it makes working more pleasant and boosts morale when companies encourage employees to share a few minutes together throughout the work day.