What’s the Right Coffee Brewer for My Office?

Picking the right coffee brewer for your office can be overwhelming, buy viagra just because there are so many things to consider:

  • How many people do you need to provide coffee for?
  • What’s the most economical option?
  • How much space do you have?

Crystal Rock’s options basically break down into two groups, single serve and multi-serve. We offer pods and K-Cups for single serve and frac packs for multi-serve. Pods are individually wrapped servings of coffee. The ground coffee is inserted into pods in an environment than is below 1% oxygen, preserving the coffee’s freshness. On top of that, the high quality packaging keeps pods fresh. With each pod you get fresh coffee smell and real coffee taste. K-Cups are a single serve coffee delivery system, ubiquitous in homes and offices all over the US.

Pod Brewers

Pod Brewers

To help you figure out which option is best for you, your first consideration should be how many people are in your office. Crystal Rock’s MCP Pourover and Automatic Pod Brewers are ideal for small offices with up to 15 employees. The AP Auto Pod Brewer is a larger machine, ideal for offices with up to 30 employees.

If you prefer K-Cups, Crystal Rock has three options: the Keurig B140, perfect for offices with up to 15 employees, Keurig B150, ideal for 30 employees and up and the Keurig B3000SE, best for offices with over 30 employees.



When choosing between pods and K-Cups, there are a couple things to consider. Pods are by and large the more economical choice, with Cool Beans offering value at a lower price point than K-Cups. Additionally, pods are wrapped in paper, making them compostable and environmentally friendly. There is no plastic involved, making them entirely biodegradable. Another consideration is that since the pod brewer is a Crystal Rock proprietary machine, you won’t find employees taking pods home, like they can with K-Cups. Using pods means your “pilferage rate” is going to be nil.

Of course, K-Cups are the most popular single serve option in the world right now. There is a matter of comfort to consider, as well as the vast variety of licensed K-Cups like Starbucks as well as tea and cold brew options.

If you have more than 30 employees in your office or you just have a few employees with a serious caffeine addiction, you may want to consider a multi serve system using frac packs. Frac packs are pre-measured packages of ground coffee, eliminating measuring when brewing with carafes, thermals or urns. Just pour the package in your filter and brew.

Frac Packs

Frac Packs

Frac packs are usually paired with glass carafes or pots, thermals and airpots or urns. Glass carafes are the industry standard and office staple, coffee kept warm on a warming plate. Thermals and airpots do not have warming plates; instead coffee is brewed directly into an insulated carafe. Urns will hold up to 10 gallons, making them ideal for a very large office.

Obviously, the multi-serve options will take up more space but presumably, if you need a system to brew for over 30 people, you’ll have a larger office. Pod and K-Cup brewers will take up less space but also provide less coffee. It’s important to take careful consideration of your expected coffee output compared to your available space. Also keep in mind the necessary coffee accessories like creamer, sugar, cups and stirrers. You can run out of space faster than you realize.

Crystal Rock’s coffee experts can help you determine the best fit for your office. To do a little preliminary research, you can visit our website here. You can also sign up for a coffee trial right here.