Why Crystal Rock?

Crystal Rock aims to m100YrsCRGeneralake the little things matter. Little things like personal service, viagra generic quality selection, discount viagra ordering efficiency, reliable delivery and technical service expertise. When executed correctly, they have the greatest impact on you every day.

What sets us apart? You’ll find that our people make the difference. We take pride in personal service and deeper interactions through every step of the customer experience.

What do you get when you partner with us? We combine premium service, product selection and reliability with unmatched personal attention. We offer water and coffee along with traditional office products like paper and ink, cleaning and janitorial supplies. We’ll supply your break room and furnish your office. You can even ask us about custom printing.

When you call many competitors, you have no idea who you are speaking with or where they are located. With Crystal Rock, you have a local team you can count on:

Account Executive
The Account Executive learns your business and ensures you make the most informed purchase based on quality, cost and need.

Route Delivery Salesperson
The Route Salesperson is your in-office liaison. They deliver office product purchases while managing routine water and coffee delivery services. They will automatically replenish your stock and supplies because you have more important things to do than manage inventory and order water and coffee.

Service Technician
This expert keeps your equipment running. Crystal Rock maintains its own fleet of in-house installation and equipment repair experts. They handle it all from filtration and dispensing systems to annual cooler and coffee brewer maintenance. They’re there when you need it the most.

Customer Care Specialist
This specialist manages your account with you, including delivery scheduling, order changes and billing.

We recognize you have many choices selecting a provider for our home and office needs. We’re here to make every day easier by providing your water, coffee and office supplies from one place – and from the local team that offers premium services that have a big impact on your day.

Find the office products you need at www.shopcrystalrock.com and learn about your water and coffee options at www.crystalrock.com.